*If Pro Shop is Closed, please contact the Front Desk for assistance

* If Pat Johns is gone, Gary McDonald or Jerry Mathieson may be available to assist you. Ask at the Front Desk is either of them is here.

*If you are looking to get bags and/or accessories, the Desk Staff can sell you an in-stock bag or wrist band, etc. There is also an accessories vending machine in the lobby.

From start to end - Pat is the man you want to speak to when looking to improve your game. He will always take thoughtful care & attention to your personal needs.

Many great bowlers like Junior Gold Competitors & even a TV bowling celebrity come to get just the right fit at

Pat Johns' Pro Shop!

Pat Johns' Pro Shop

Monday - Friday: 3:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: By appointment only
NOTE: Always call ahead to make sure Pat is available.

Pat Johns' vast knowledge of bowling will aid you all along your journey, from buying your 1st ball & shoes, custom fitting the ball to your hand, lessons to help you establish a competitive edge in league or tournament play, or even just simple to expert questions about bowling.

Since 1975 Pat Johns has been perfecting the art of ball drilling. 

He's a local bowling icon who has been inducted into

Seattle's Bowling Hall of Fame