7:00pm - Mixed 4's / Hdcp - $20/Week
Meeting Date: May 1st at 6:30pm / Start Date: May 1st
Special pricing on Manny's beer and FREE Manny's hats and shirts! Additionally, all league bowlers will be eligible for the Northwest Spring Classic Tournament at no extra cost to you.

Visit for more info!


7:00pm - Singles / Scratch - $25/Week
Meeting Date: May 2nd at 6:15pm / Start Date: May 2nd
Bowl on the same tough patterns the pros use! This scratch league encourages you to develop

better shot consistency and lane adjustment skills. Bowl 4 games in constant position format.

3 divisions based on your individual skill level. Space limited to first 72 bowlers.

If you're interested, speak to Pat Johns about which division you are in.


12:00pm - Singles / Hdcp - $16/Week
Meeting Date: April 26th at Noon / Start Date: May 3rd
Receive 50% off lunch and free coffee or soda during and after bowling every week.

At the end of summer the league will go on an Argosy Lunch Cruise.

7:00pm - Mixed 4's / Hdcp - $25/Week 
Meeting Date: April 26th at 6:30pm / Start Date: April 26th
Sign up soon to guarantee your spot on our largest most exciting league!

At the end of summer the entire league will take a weekend excursion to one of Washington's

most scenic locales and bowl in 2 tournaments at the local bowling center. 


7:00pm - Doubles / Hdcp / Non-Commitment - $20/Week
Meeting Date: May 4th at 6:30pm / Start Date: May 4th
Each week bowlers will pay an entry fee that includes lineage and a prize fund.

Higher average bowlers will draw from lower average bowlers to form the teams for that week.

This is a non-commitment league, you only pay for the weeks you bowl.


7:00pm - Trios / Hdcp - $22/Week  
Meeting Date: May 5th at 6:30pm / Start Date: May 5th
In addition to all the fun Friday Nights, there are FREE LEAGUE FEES each week for the

Weekly High Series and the Weekly High Game w/ Hdcp! All league members qualify for for prize money at the end of the season. Past top teams have walked away with over $400!


3:00pm - Jr /Adult Doubles / Hdcp  
Meeting Date: May 21st at 3:00pm / Start Date: June 4th
This league is all about family fun time!

Teams are made up of 2 juniors or 1 junior and 1 adult (parent, family friend or relative).

All ages and abilities welcome! Adding to the fun, at our end of season party,

all juniors will receive a trophy while adults will receive HiLine Lanes Fun Bucks!

Spring/Summer League Lineup:


Looking for some consistency and good fun? Join one of our many leagues!

Never worry about lane availability again as each of our leagues bowls every week at the same time (excluding Holidays and BYE Weeks).

Pay regular weekly fees and benefit from discounted rates when you come in to practice.

With a variety of options, finding one that can accommodate you skill, schedule and price range is easy!

Please Note: Leagues do require a commitment.